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  • The SU Carburetter Company In 1905 Mr. George H. Skinner took out a patent for a carburetter in which both the air and fuel passages varied in accordance with the requirements of the, engine. The original design was a clean and simple layout in marked contrast to the multi-jet fixed choke carburetters and it provided a standard of flexibility ...
Sep 04, 2013 · The SU carburetor is a very simple carburetor, but like any other carb, needs to be rebuilt and adjusted correctly for the car to perform as it should. Installing the carburetors on a MGA Twin-Cam is a little tricky, as they don’t leave much room to squeeze everything in, but once installed, is just like setting up any other SU carburetor.

Carb.SU > SU Carburettor photos and information Posts Welcome to the relaunched Carb.SU. After much delay I have relaunched the Carb.SU website. This is intended to grow over time to become a very useful resource for all models of SU Carburettors, as fitted to many British classic cars such as Jaguar, MG, Morris, Austin, and more.

Oct 02, 2012 · As this project is designed to teach my son how cars work we chose to use SU carburetors and had the great folks at ZTherapy restore our old carbs for us (they did a great job by the way). SU carbs are fantastic! The simple design delivers a nearly constant air/fuel mixture over a wide RPM range and are easy to adjust (once you know how).
  • Carburetor Spacers, Super Sucker, Tapered Combo Spacer, 2.00 in. Thickness, Aluminum, Natural, 4-barrel Square Bore Carb Mounting, Each Part Number: HVH-SS4150-2AL ( 9 )
  • This is only a small selection of carburettors which we carry spares for . ... su If your carburettor is not shown please contact us with your requirements:
  • A PAIR OF HS2 11/4"SU CARBURETTORS with LINKAGES. EUR 194.42. EUR 11.09 postage. SU HS6 Carburettor Triumph. EUR 161.10. EUR 23.89 postage. CLASSIC MINI SU HS2 ...

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    Winfield Carburetor Sales And Restoration • Windfield History (Click Here For Details) • Carburetor Sizes and Specifications + Restoration and Rebuilding Process. • (Click here for a video) • Call for pricing and availability. • (Click here to view completed Winfield carburetors)

    Unlike other types of carburettor, which have fixed jets , the SU has only one jet, so the mixture setting affects the engine throughout its speed range. Some SUs also have exhaust emission-control devices to comply with anti-pollution laws. Adjustment of these is described in Adjusting an emission-control carburettor. Before tuning the carburettor, carry out all the checks in Checking and ...

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    AUD434E - MGB 1972-1973 PAIR OF HIF SU CARBURETTORS - RECONDITIONED. Please note : This item is supplied on an exchange basis. A surcharge of £100.00 excl VAT will be charged in addition to the unit cost if it is supplied in advance.

    So an old SU is a Constant Velocity type carb like today’s CV on Harleys. The chamber on the top creates a vacuum that operates the slide to control the needle and deliver the fuel. Inside that chamber is a large spring and a slide that in my case was in pretty bad shape.

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    Joe Curto, INC, British Superior. Supplier of British Carburettor (SU and Zenith) parts

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    AUD52E - MGB HS4 SU CARBURETTORS 1962-72 - PAIR - RECONDITIONED. Quantity required - 1. This item is supplied on an exchange basis. A surcharge of £100.00 excl VAT will be charged in addition to the unit cost if it is supplied in advance.

    In 1994 Canadian Carburetor opend it's doors in Vancouver B.C. and introduced the Pacific North West to our quality products and exceptional service. Our speciality is remanufacturing carburetors and fuel injectors. We also stock some inventory for over the counter sales.

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    CRU Brand Gear Shift Oil Seal SuzukiThis is an aftermarket seal that has a ribbed outside for a better, tighter seal and fit.Size: 22 x 12 x 8mm.This seal is 1mm shorter then stock.Stock seal size is...

    Tecumseh Carburetor models, manual, guide, drawings, parts, troubleshooting guide Engine Identification In order to ensure correct Tecumseh Engine Identification all you need to do is to take a closer look at the engine model number which is located under the cover and enter this number on the below mentioned link to get correct and complete ...

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    SU carb identification I have three cars and a spare set of SU's - all 1 3/4" but they have various numbers on those stamps - like AUD 230, AUD 33, AUD 94, AUD 232. Naturally those tags could have gotten switched around over the years.

    Large SU Style Carburettors - 1 5/8 & 1 3/4 inch. Go back to Parts Catalogue Go to previous part / next part (click on image to enlarge, click again to close)

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    More than 19.000 carburetor parts in stock, ready to ship! Dellorto Shop - CarburettorShop - RicambiCarburatori - Carburettor Spare Parts Jets and Service Kits, Carburettor Spare Parts for Dellorto, Weber, Solex, Zenith, SU, Pierburg, Mikuni - Jets and Service Kits

    All British and European carburettor work under taken with a large stock of spares available through our mail order service. This includes S.U, Weber, Dellorto, Stromberg, Pierburg, Zenith and Solex carburettors and spares for your vintage, classic or modern car. Pierburg: Fuel Filters

about 36 degrees maximum. On the SU equipped 2000(U20) the timing should be set to 16 degrees BTDC. Valve adjustment is very important. The amount of fuel/air mixture each cylinder draws is affected by
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su carburettors - how they work Basic knowledge Even though the SU carburetter (carb) is a very basic yet precise instrument, some fundamental understanding on just how it works is needed to be able to deal with common problems and tuning.
Single HIF44 1.75" SU carburettor as fitted to 1275cc Minis and Mini Coopers from 1990-1994. Buy top quality Classic Mini SU Carburettors, spares and parts from Mini Sport, the worlds premier online Mini store!